You Died: Secret Message in Front Endpapers Pattern, Pages 2, 3

You Died: The Dark Souls Companion features a lot of symbols on its front endpapers.

They encrypt a secret message using a substitution table.

Center clockwise a Dark Souls quote:
It is only human to commit a sin. (Oswald of Carim)
Anthony, Nevan, Shadowmoon, Jeremy

The Oswald of Carim quote in the center makes sense for a Dark Souls book but…

What Do The Four Names Mean?

The You Died Kickstarter campaign had a tier called “Secret To Everybody”.

Backers who pledged for that tier would get their first names symbolically encrypted in the book’s layout.
Four people backed the tier “Secret To Everybody” and their names are on the front endpapers (source).

How Is The Secret Message Decrypted?

Each page with a drop capital also features a symbol at the top.

Substituting the symbols in the endpapers with the associated drop capitals reveals the secret message. This is the full symbol substitution table for You Died and Abyssal Archive.

Note: There’s also an easter egg in You Died’s back endpapers.