Soul Arts

Soul Arts: Presented by VaatiVidya has a number of secrets, easter eggs and symbol references hidden throughout the book.

Each of the five symbols on the slipcover references one of the five winning entries of the art competitions.

The endpaper contains a variety of symbols that reference parts of the showcased artworks. At the same time these artworks might in turn reference things from Dark Souls, Bloodborne, Sekiro or Demon’s Souls.

The last page shows a gold star field that can be decrypted to reveal a secret message. This mirrors the secret message in You Died: The Dark Souls Companion and the secret message in Abyssal Archive.

Soul Arts with Slipcover

Encrypted Messages


New Sekiro Prosthetics

Elden Ring Boss Challenge

Unseen Lands of Dark Souls

Demon's Souls' Sixth Archstone

Imagining Bloodborne II