You Died Symbol Reference: Souls, Tomoe, Magatama

You Died features this souls symbol.

It corresponds to the initial U. The same symbol-initial-pairing is used in Abyssal Archive. The full list is available in the symbol substitution table.

Symbol Meaning

The souls symbol is a variation of the common Japanese Tomoe symbol (which translates to “comma”).
Tomoe can be found in the real world as well as in media. Examples featured here are (clock-wise) jade beads, the Dark Souls Lordvessel, a horse statue, Okami, Zelda Tears of the Kingdom and the Dark Souls user interface.

The comma shape itself is an ancient Japanese symbol originating with magatama, comma-shaped beads, that appeared in prehistoric Japan. Magatama are symbolic of the shape of the soul and thus represent souls in the Dark Souls user interface.

Magatama, dating from Jōmon period to 8th century (source)

This extends to the design of the Lordvessel which the player needs to fill with the souls of Seath the Scaleless, Four Kings, Gravelord Nito and The Bed of Chaos.