Abyssal Archive: Encrypted Message in Symbol Pattern, Page 456, 457

Abyssal Archive’s last page (p. 456) shows a pattern of symbols. In the pattern there are multiple octagons of circular symbols. These are actually all the same octagon rotated in different ways.

The symbols found in the octagon (and a few more) also appear in the images Souls of Lords by BLOC. (Instagram, Twitter) marking the beginning of each chapter. Each chapter beginning also features a large drop capital.

The Hornet Ring is paired with the drop capital H

If the symbols in the octagon are substituted for the drop captials of each chapter, most of the octagon becomes clear text.

Substituting symbols with drop capital letters

The remaining few letters can be guessed easily and reveal the secret message: A quote by Hawkeye Gough.
“At thy twilight, old thoughts return, in great waves of nostalgia.”

The encrypted message is revealed

Using the full symbol substitution table for You Died and Abyssal Archive all messages hidden in the symbol patterns of the two books can be decrypted.